Use LastPass To Manage All Your Passwords.


If you used the internet for any length of time you probably have hundreds of passwords, one for every site you need to login to right. Or do you use the same password for every site, yikes, say it isn’t so. Using one password for every site is a recipe for disaster. Almost every week we hear in the news another major site got hacked and they lost customer data. From there it’s easy to guess what sites to try your user name and password on.

Here is a simple free solution to generate secure passwords for every site you need to log into and manage them in one simple program. All you need to do is remember one password to log into LastPass, and click the website you want to visit. LastPass will then automatically securely log you in.

LastPass is a free browser plugin available for all browsers. Get it here It also syncs your data to any computer that you use regularly. You always knew that someday you’d find a more reliable password manager than your yellow Post-its. It will even complete all the forms needed to buy goods online if you have stored your home address, telephone number and credit-card details in its secure vault as well. All of your data is encrypted locally on your PC – only YOU can unlock it.

They also offer a premium service for $1.00 a month that gives you access on your smart phone. It’s well worth it in our mobile world

When you login to a site LastPass will ask if you want it to remember the password.

Here are some screenshots of LastPass in action.

It will automatically enter your username and password for you.

Generate a secure password.

Give it a try today and don’t forget to change all your old passwords.



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