How To Get The Start Menu Back In Windows 8

Windows 8 MetroWindows 8 is a great operating system if you don’t mind the “Metro style” interface. I find it hard to take myself. If you do to there are ways to get your Start Menu back like it was in previous versions of Windows, and it will give you the option of booting to the desktop instead of the Metro screen.


There are a couple programs that can do this. One is Start 8 from Stardock. It costs $4.99 and is available here

The one I use is a freebie from Classic Shell. Get it here,
After you download it open the program, go to the Start Menu Style tab and choose what type of menu you want. Classic, XP or Vista / 7

Classic Start Menu

Then click the All settings button at the bottom of the page and go to Window 8 setting and put a check mark in Skip Metro Screen. Now after you reboot you will be taken directly to your desktop. You can still get to your Metro screen by going to the Charms bar at the right side of your screen.

Boot to desktop

There are many other options available to customize your Start Menu. Give them a try.


Start Menu in windows 8 from Classic Shell














Start Menu in windows 8 from Classic Shell

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