How to Enable God Mode in Windows 8 To Unlock All Your Computers Settings


How many times have you wondered how do I find out how to change a  particular setting on your computer.  You could spend hours clicking through menus and still not find what your looking for. Here’s a quick way to find all your computers settings in one easy to find location. Its called God Mode. Here’s how to enable it.

  1.  First, make sure that you can view hidden files in the File Explorer.  From your on your desktop screen click your C drive and in the ribbon on the top click open the Control Panel, then click Folder Options, click the View tab, and check the boxes next to “Hidden items” and “File name extensions” click ok.
  2. Back on your Desktop create a new folder. ( right click an empty spot and choose New – Folder.
  3. Right click the new folder and rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

God Mode

The New Folder will now be called God Mode with a new icon, go ahead an open it up to find all the goodness,  you’ll find a folder filled with dozens of tools, actions and tweaks  from “Action Centers” to “Windows Update.” and they’re all organized by category. You can expand or shrink each category by clicking the small triangle next to it and each category displays a number next to it, showing how many settings there are in it.
God Mofe

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